In 1989 Jeannine Govaers graduated from the KABK in The Hague.
After being an assistant in Amsterdam and London she started as a free lance photographer in 1991.
With a startstipendium from The fonds voor beeldende kunsten it was possible to start off with a personal project and travel. Ecuador was the first project , photographing indiginous people and a touch of life.
On returning I showed my portfolio to various magazines. The response was enthusiastic and this was a start to photograph various subjects from interiors, portraits , stills , flowers etc.
Travelling has always played an important part and is a real passion.
I have been lucky to both work professionaly as well to explore my personal work.
In personal work I find the space that I need to make something that I find beautiful and the time that I need to look for that.
But to be involved in a project with different people with different ideas trying to find the best way to make it fit so the signet works is an adventure as well.
The camera for me is a tool, I use it to simply photograph what I see and feel.
What happens between the camera and the object depends on many factors but it is always, and in many ways, a new meeting. Exciting.
Maybe it is a strange tic to look at the world through a frame and trying to catch it but i enjoy it tremendously.

Martien Luteijn (graphic consultant & designer)
I started working with Jeannine Govaers when I was art director at trend- and consultancy agency The Bock & Dekker. Through the years we worked together on various assignments, for different customers. From trendreports for the Flower Council of Holland to portraying the design firm Koziol: every aspect covered.
Jeannine Govaers has a strong eye for finding the most characteristic views and surprising angels, always resulting in special, recognizable images.
Even more exciting it gets when Jeannine Govaers asks people to pose for her. She is able to create a kind of relaxed intimacy, which leads to beautifullu personal and very respectfull portraits.
Working with Jeannine is an intense proces of searching for the best solutions, and always an inspiration.